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Owner FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions by RV owners who are interested in joining Camplify. If you have more questions, please speak with our friendly team on 0800 779 779

  • You can earn from $250 - $2500 per week on your RV! You can calculate how much your RV can earn with our free hire income calculator

  • Listing and hiring out your RV on Camplify has never been easier! Have your insurance and registration papers ready when you are registering an account with Camplify. Click here to register now.

  • Camplify requires all van owners to have comprehensive hire insurance for their van, and this can be with any provider in New Zealand. Camplify is not an insurer but we do have a Flexible insurance product that can be used to cover your van whilst it is out on hire. Depending on whether your insurer covers your van for hiring purposes (you will need to find out if your insurer does cover this) you do have the option to choose the Camplify Flexible Insurance which insures you van on hire. There is no additional cost to this option, as it is included within the Camplify Listing Fee. insurance page. to register now.

  • Camplify holds a $1000 security bond for all hires that take place through our system. By using our post hire and pre hire checklists you can record any damage that occurs and submit a breakage claim. Our team will assist with working through with the hirer and recovering your costs. Owners are required to obtain two quotes for the damage and the bond is then used to cover these costs. Any damage over $1000 will be claimed via insurance, this way you are never out of pocket.

  • Camplify has an exclusive relationship with the NRMA to provide 24/7 roadside assistance to help your RV get back on the road as soon as possible.

  • A booking enquiry is a converstation through the system between the owner and hirer. A booking request is a formal request to book an RV on specific dates and will allow confirmed by the owner and payment will proceed.

  • The service fee is for topping up little things such as the gas bottle and filling up the salt and pepper shakers. Recommended service fee charge is between $20 - $80 depending on the extras you wish to include with your RV.

  • When listing your RV, select the "Owner Set-Up" option. This shows the hirer that you are willing to drive the RV to a location and set it up for them to stay in for their holiday. The hirer needs to book the campsite themselves and make arrangements with management of the campsite letting them know you are coming to drop off the RV.

  • Before you hit accept, make sure you ask the hirer where and what they plan to do with your RV. This determines that the hirer is suitable for booking your RV. Examples of a questions you may ask your hirer is "Does your tow vehicles have an electric brake controller fitted?" or "How far do you plan to tow the van on your trip?

  • You as the owner gets to make the final decision to whether you say yes or no to a booking. Ask the hirer about all the things necessary to hire or tow your RV.

  • Camplify does a payment run once per week. The first 50% is deposited into your bank account on the first payment run after your booking begins. At the end of the hire when you have completed the post hire checklist, the remaining money will be deposited in your bank account. Make sure you let Camplify know if you have any bank account details that need updating so your money can go into the correct account.

  • You can use the "Reserve my RV" option on your dashboard. This will insure your RV will still be advertised but no one will be able to book your RV on those dates.

  • During discussions with a hirer you can offer a discount. Choose the "Make an Offer" button and this will allow you to modify the price to the new discounted rate for the hirer. This is commonly used for long-term hires.

  • Now the RV has been returned, you must complete the post hire checklist. You will then receive the remaining 50% of your money earned from that hire and return the bond to the hirer. In your dashboard under completed bookings, you will find your post hire checklist under the specific booking. If you do find damage or issues with the RV, take photos and include this in your post hire checklist submission. Please contact Camplify and we will walk you through the next steps in sorting any issues out.

  • Upon completion of the booking, you can leave a review for the hirer. If you can't see a review left by your hirer, reach out to them to thank them and ask them to leave you a review. Reviews are important as they will increase the likelihood of more bookings in the future.

  • Camplify is a safe platform which insures payments transact smoothly and insures your RV is covered by insurance when your RV is out on hire.