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Get more bookings on Camplify

Our Commitment to Helping RV Owners Attract More Bookings on Camplify

Hi there, My name is Dave and I look after marketing here at Camplify. I hope you’re enjoying your experience so far as a member! Part of my role at Camplify is to make sure our listed owners (i.e. you) are getting as many booking enquiries as possible, so you can earn more money from your RV while you’re not using it.

Introducing the Camplify Owner Support Program

To help you get more bookings, we have created a series of actions you can take to help promote your RV listing/s across popular websites and social networks. If you're a listed owner, look out for regular emails including step-by-step guides on how to get more hire enquiries. This service is completely FREE for all listed Camplify owners.

Remember, we’re a sharing community! If you have ideas on how we can help everybody get more bookings, then we would love to hear them. Please reply to this email or send your ideas directly to myself at - all suggestions are welcome and no idea is a silly one!

1. Share your listing with your Facebook Friends

(You must be logged in to your personal Facebook profile)

Visit your listing on Camplify. (You can find your listing on Camplify by going to the Camplify search page and searching your RV’s listed location.) Scroll down to find the Facebook “Share” button on your listing:

Click on the Share button and if you are logged into Facebook you should then see a pop-up with your listing title and an image of your RV. Depending on what device you’re using, the pop-up will look something like this:

Then, all you need to do is copy & paste the words below into a post on your personal Facebook profile. This will help all your friends (potential hirers) see your listing and they can share it with their friends and followers too (more potential hirers).

"I’ve listed my RV for hire on Camplify, New Zealand’s largest caravan hire and RV sharing community. If you’re interested in hiring from me, please visit the link below! Otherwise, please share this post with your friends who might like to hire my RV :)"

2. Share your listing in Facebook Groups

Are you a member of any New Zealandn camping, caravanning or travel-related groups on Facebook? Why not drop the exact same post into those? Note: Some Facebook groups don’t allow promotional posts, so please check their guidelines before posting.

We don’t want you getting kicked out of any groups! Below are a few great caravanning and camping groups on Facebook that you might like to join if you haven't already. (You'll also want to join all the buy / sell / swap groups in your local region to connect with potential hirers near you)

Free Camping Around New Zealand

Caravan & Camping Links New Zealand

Caravan & Camping Buy Swap Sell

Everything Caravan & Camping

Cheapest Caravan Parks Around New Zealand

Caravan & Camping New Zealand

Camping in New Zealand

Buy Swap & Sell Camper Trailers & Camping Equipment

Caravanning / Camping / Travelling with Dogs

New Zealand-wide Caravan, Camping, 4x4, Fishing Buy Swap Sell

Once you have been accepted as a member of these groups, you can post a link to your Camplify listing into the group (similar to the post you shared with your friends in

Not sure how to find a link to your listing?

Visit your listing on Camplify Copy & paste the website address in your internet browser bar. It will look something like this:

On mobile phone browsers: Once you open up your listing on your phone, you should be able to find an option to “Copy” your listing web address. Look for an icon like this on your phone’s internet browser:

Once your listing link is “copied”, you can now “paste” it into a Facebook groups post.

3. Share Your Listing With Your Email Contacts

After you’ve shared your listing on Facebook, you might also like to send the same post and link to all of your email contacts to help spread the word about your Camplify listing and drive bookings. I hope these tips are helpful!

Any feedback is very welcome. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to email the team on

Happy camping and have a great day!