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Northland Region
New Zealand

Northland Region

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Imagine waking up to the gentle hush of salt water lapping against a picture-perfect white wharf and closing it out with a last minute forest hike, serenaded by a roaring waterfall… now imagine if you were the master of your own holiday itinerary. With a single click, you’ll be one step closer to taking control of your time with a campervan, motorhome or caravan hire. Stay longer (we guarantee you’ll want to) and see more of New Zealand’s Northland with Camplify.  

Located on the North Island, Northland is an easy drive from Auckland. The roads are sealed and wide, traffic is always manageable and the views - well, you know what they say about New Zealand, every outlook is a postcard waiting to be printed. 

Hemmed in by native forests, curious towns and Maori cultural sites, travellers will be spoiled for choice when it comes to activities to sample along the way. Sandboarding the sweeping dunes of Nine Mile Beach and getting lost in the magic of the Waipoua Forest are two serious contenders for fan favourite, but there's nothing quite like Paihia, a waterside village on the edge of the Bay of Islands. From here, you can indulge every sense, from deep sea fishing to parasailing, snorkelling or swimming with dolphins. Is dry land more your jam? The Waitangi Tribal Grounds shouldn't be missed, but walk, don't drive - the winding footpath is worthy of your feet at least once. Speaking of trails, Northland is littered with well-trodden tracks  - find yourself in ancient forests or ambling along a wild coastline. 

Our campervans and motorhomes for hire give you a taste of Vanlife without chewing up your holiday budget - you never know, you may join the thousands of people already addicted to seeing the world by road. 

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